Blockchain visionnaire summit


Andres Arevalo-Maklouf

Andrés Arevalo-Maklouf is a Blockchain jurist, Researcher and Lawyer. He has focused his recent research on the legal and jurisdictional challenges of Blockchain technology, analysing the crossroads of Blockchain and Law. Recently he has been collaborating with COALA (Coalition of Automated Legal Applications) on Smart Contracts in Europe and Africa. He is collaborating with the Legal Tech Centre in legal hackathons in Zurich and Berlin and is a member of The Blockchain Embassy in Berlin. Andrés has been both an active practicing lawyer in South America, US and and London as well as an Assistant professor to the chair of Public International Law. He is the co-author of a treatise in Public International Law used by law graduate students. Andres holds a master’s in Research in Law and Economic Development from UCL London.



Monday, July 23, 2018
Holzmarktstraße 25, Säälchen,
10243 Berlin , Germany