Blockchain visionnaire summit


Chris McClure

Chris has led marketing and communication teams across heavily regulated industries, from biotech to health tech to crypto, including venture-backed, tokenized, and crowdfunded companies. He’s also a retired behavioral epidemiologist.

The Svandis ecosystem is a collection of powerful tools, analytics, and indicators for professional traders in need of real-time, actionable data and analyses. The Svandis community, as well as automatic data feeds, drives the rapid collection of verifiable data and information through a tokenized incentive system. Svandis provides users with a greater understanding of market conditions and trends, as well as a comprehensive platform for the evaluation of fundamentals behind digital and cryptoasset initiatives, like initial coin offerings and token sales. Svandis aggregates data from a variety of sources; transforming data into reliable and actionable information for professional traders.



Monday, July 23, 2018
Holzmarktstraße 25, Säälchen,
10243 Berlin , Germany